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Successful Al & Data Science teams are built by people not technology. So how can we provide you with a strategic advantage?

Most companies have a clearly defined strategy for how they plan to become data or Al driven but very few have a clearly defined talent strategy in place.

Oxygen Digital Strategies is a consulting service designed to help you build bespoke data-driven Talent Management Strategies. With focus on attraction, engagement & retention we will help you create the right foundations to build world-class teams.


What is Talent & why does it matter? How do we link our AI & Data strategy back to talent acquisition? Growth strategy cost analysis & modelling


Candidate experience How does talent acquisition impact our future? Talent definition, identification & appreciation techniques


Bespoke Data Talent Management Strategy ROI metrics for the future Industry data and statistics to allow for deeper knowledge and benchmarking

Who will lead the session?

Richard Jackson, CEO & Founder of Oxygen Digital, has over 16 years industry experience supporting high-growth technology business’ across Europe & USA.

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