Privacy Policy

1) Oxygen Digital Recruitment Limited (Oxygen Digital) are committed to GDPR compliancy and as such have appointed Louise Devaux as the Data Protection Officer. All requests or queries should be sent to

2) Its explicitly clear that Oxygen Digital intends to use all data collected for recruitment process’ only. Data stored in our CRM (Bullhorn International a GDPR compliant applicant tracking system) will be used purely for the intention of identifying interesting career opportunities for every candidate both now and in the future.

3) Data that we intend to store includes:

  1. a) Contact details such as email address and phone number
  2. b) A copy of your CV supplied directly to Oxygen Digital
  3. c) Information surrounding your current employment situation, expectations in a new role, details about what type of opportunities you are looking for and professional experience (technology, employment etc.)
  4. d) Salary information if provided to Oxygen Digital) Notes and information on all applications made by Oxygen Digital to our customers and detailed information on the interview process’ that may follow.

4) Oxygen Digital will only share your information with customers of the business and only for the sole intention of providing career opportunities for you. We will only ever share your information if agreed either over email or during a pre-screening telephone call.

5) Candidate data that is collected will come from a number of different sources which include (but not limited to) LinkedIn, XING, online advertising (LinkedIn, Indeed, Jobserve, Monster), searches via Google and referrals from other candidates.

6) All data processing occurs in Oxygen Digital’s registered offices in Chelmsford, United Kingdom.

7) All candidate data will be stored for an indefinite time period unless

  1. a) it is felt that the candidate’s data is not of use to Oxygen Digital based on relevant experience within the markets we operate in or
  2. b) we have received a formal request to remove a candidate’s data from our CRM. We have chosen to not have a time limit on how long we store candidate’s data due to the fact that opportunities in the market remain relevant throughout a candidate’s career and intent to provide long term guidance & support to all candidates supported.

8) As a candidate of Oxygen Digital, you are within your rights to be forgotten, request a copy of the data stored or withdraw consent at any time. You should do this via the email provided in point 1. We will then aim to reply within 72 hours of request with confirmation of your request. All data stored on our CRM is completely secure and encrypted to ensure full privacy of data. This is managed in conjunction with the security measures provided by Bullhorn International.