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Candidate Referral Scheme

The scheme is designed to reward any referral made that Oxygen Digital successfully sign a new employment contract within 6 months. If we do, you will get €350 worth of Amazon vouchers. Please take the time to fill in the form below:

Referral Form

“Referral” – person that is being referred
“The referrer” – person making the referral

1) You can make an unlimited number of referrals.

2) Any referral that is currently registered on the Oxygen Digital CRM will not qualify for the scheme. Oxygen Digital will provide written confirmation within 7 working days if this is the case.

3) To qualify for the referral scheme, you must provide all details in full as per the above. Any missing information will deem the referral unqualified, and no referral fee will be paid.

4) A referral is deemed to have been accepted only once email confirmation has been received from Oxygen Digital.

5) The Referral must be notified and have consented to their details being passed to Oxygen Digital before the date of the referral. This is the responsibility of the referrer and is subject to the General Data Protection Rules. The referee will indemnify DVF Recruitment for any loss or claim arising out of the referee’s failure to procure such consent. All information shared with Oxygen Digital will be stored in accordance with GDPR policies and procedures. You can review our Data Privacy rules on our website should you like more detail about how we store and manage your data.

6) A successful referral is deemed to have been made once the referral starts work with an Employer introduced by an Oxygen Digital representative.

7) Employment must begin within 180 days of the referral being registered using the form above. Day 1 is the day of referral, and this includes day 180.

8) The referral must remain employed at the same business for a minimum period of 3 months (90 days). The reward will be paid after this point.

9) €350 Amazon vouchers will be emailed to you 14 days after the end of day 90 as per the above.

10) If living in Switzerland Oxygen Digital will provide CHF 350 digital voucher for instead.

11) No other alternatives or cash alternatives will be considered or provided.

12) Oxygen Digital reserve the right to provide an alternative reward at any time

13) Oxygen Digital reserve the right to change, alter, amend, or remove the referral scheme at any time without notice.

14) In the event of a disputed fee, Oxygen Digitals decision shall be final.

15) Any questions please contact Louise Devaux –

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