Tech Lead

I'm working with an incredible company in Wolfsburg – fully funded by Volkswagen – as part of their new Software spin-off. This is aimed at training the next generation of Software and Data experts in the automotive industry. 

As the technical lead here it is your job to guide the students in their second year through interesting projects to do with software engineering for cars or the automotive sector. There is nobody above you telling you what projects you wish to work on – so if you want to teach your students to hack the GUI of a golf, implement Linux, make it all open source and turn into an RC car you can control with your tablet – be my guess! 

In fact – if you can do the above – they'll hire you right now đŸ˜‰ 

This role is really interesting, and if you have a passion for helping the generation of software engineers learn the full-stack approach to what is possible with software engineering for cars (and if you're interested in exploring this yourself) then you'll have the entire "fab lab" to be able to play with this and grow your students into some incredible engineers.

There is no favoured tech stack, no favoured background (apart from Automotive IT)  and no favoured skill-level. So if you have a passion for Automotive IT and are looking to lead and guide juniors – let's have a conversation? 
+49 30 800 98464