Machine Science Lead

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Our Client in Berlin is a rapidly growing tech company with a huge drive and focus coming into 2020 on AI & Machine Learning. Working as the Machine Science Lead on the BAR team (Budget and recommendation) you will be working on automating the recommendation for customers (over 400K users) to over 700K different products.

Ideally, you will come from a marketing/ecommerce/ad-tech background for the hands-on experience with customer data and recommendation systems, but they are not limiting themselves to these areas. Furthermore, since the role is revolving around ML (improving the models, deploying new once and maintenance) you need to have a deep understating of ML OPS with deployment alongside the analytical, statistical brain to create some really impressive ones to begin with.

In terms of seniority, this role reports directly into the CTO – so I think that tells you everything ? You are however a Tech Lead, so still very hands on, and leading a small team of 5 (Data Engineers, Data Scientists, ML Engineers and a Product Owner) with plans to grow these areas significantly next year.

Their tech stack is largely Python based (Tensorflow, Pandas, Numpy, Sci-Kit Learn ETC) are all important alongside AWS being their cloud of choice. They’ll also be even more interested in you if you have experience with Docker & Kubernetes for containerised deployment alongside the big data ecosystem to allow for automated ML workflows.

Finally, this role is very integral to the business and is product governed, not budget governed, so it means no more working on business value and trying to improve profits or cut losses ETC – but instead you’ll be building and improving the base for this company to scale and grow into one of the largest global players.

Arran Goodridge

Specialist Consultant

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