Lead Data Scientist

A disruptive Zurich based Med-Tech startup with the mission to revolutionize health analytics through contactless, multidimensional assessment. 
This company is really bringing somthing new into the industry and look to be one of the most promising health analytics business in Europe.

Your tasks and responsibilities:

  • Lead the development of algorithms for:
    • Feature engineering, dimensionality reduction and feature selection
    • Identifying breathing abnormalities during sleep
    • Detecting changes in breathing and heartrate trends
  • Establish the scope of the project, lead internal communication with stakeholders, and ensure project completion


    • Postgraduate qualification in computer science, statistics or applied mathematics
    • Hands-on work experience in data analysis, machine learning, and deep learning
    • Knowledge of frequency-domain and time-domain analysis of signals
    • Proficient in Python
    • Experience leading small teams

If you feel like the above looks to be an interesting opportunity and is well matched to your experience then please send your CV to Carlin.rose@oxygendigital.net to be considered.