Full Stack Engineer (Backend Focus)

Full Stack Engineer (Backend Focus)

We are working with an incredible (Scale up) consultancy who work mostly with the largest Retail, Financial and Healthcare companies in the world to help them with the implementation of Data Driven applications in their business.

Focusing now on building out their Engineering teams – they are looking for a backend focused full stack engineer to help them implement highly scalable architecture to their clients business’, design end-to-end solutions to integrate their ML and Ai models and take responsibility for the entire project lifecycle – it’s a tough role but they pay top salaries with a lot to offer in terms of career progression, learning & growth opportunities plus their company culture is great.

Tech Stack:

  • Python based (including some ml knowledge of Pandas, Numpy and Scikit learn would be great)
  • Good knowledge of frameworks like Django, Flask or Fast API to integrate, you guessed it, with Python
  • Strong affinity and ability to wrong clean production ready code (Python again? Wow!)
  • Good Devops principles (you build it, you own it, you run it)
  • Ability to scale the backend architecture
  • Willingness to see projects through (unlike most consultancies these guys focus on long-term partnerships so you can actually see the fruit of your labor and that sexy architecture you made)

Outside of this, they are a company built by smart people, very smart people, so a high IQ and good school (Ideally a PhD) is nice. The most important thing that they mean by “smart” however is an affinity to learn – if you are keen to improve yourself and every aspect of your work – then this is a good option for you to consider!


Please reach out to me directly:


+44 2035 003 271

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