Data Engineer

This team analyses multiple data types in order to generate a deep insight of molecular characteristics within diseases. With the work carried out this creates the foundations for a new data-driven research which enables a new look at patient wellbeing.

You will be working on:

  • Advancement of ETL pipelines within the cloud.
  • The Improvement of the Data Warehouse based on AWS Redshift.
  • Defining database models and design of database tables for lab data.
  • Integration & operational focus of the DW and ETL pipelines.

What experience do I need?

  • Degree in computer science or an equivalent.
  • Very good understanding of Python, Linux and Docker.
  • Background with DevOps topics like E2E tests, Git Flow & CI
  • Know-how of agile software development
  • Experience with AWS cloud based work.

If you would be interested in working within this exciting and world changing field, please contact me @

David Rodwell

Specialist Consultant

+44 203 500 3270

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